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Mitch Hoob is a guest on The Paranormies Present

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May 18, 2018134 minutes


Mitch Hoob and J.D. join the goys to talk about another fan suggested topic. Q-Anon...who is he? Is he just one person? Is he a team? What does he know? Is what he posts true? Why post on /8chan/? Will his predictions come true? Is he a patriot or is he a fraud? Get /comfy/ and get ready to find out as we ask our guest J.D. all these questions and more tonight on The Paranormies!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, Zev

Guests: J.D. and Mitch Hoob

Music Break: Power Level, by Mr. Bond

Creepypasta: Keep Watching, Read by Bradshaw Wilson

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