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The Nephilim Part 3: Bella Dashwood & Frater X

Apr 27, 2018143 minutes

This week, the Goys get back into the ancient world of those legendary creatures, the "Great Men of Renown", the "Children of the Gods"...the Nephilm. This time we're joined once again by Bella Dashwood and Frater X. Who were these beings? Were they gods, were they angels, or were they demons? What happened to them and are they still around? Get comfy, and get ready to find out all of this and more, tonight on The Paranormies!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Scott Taylor, Zev

Guests: Bella Dashwood and Frater X

Music Break: Survival, by Vanguard and Xurious

Creepypasta: Come Closer, Read by Bradshaw Wilson

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Frater X, Kekullain

Mar 23, 2018134 minutes

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