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Death is a guest on The Paranormies Present

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Friday the 13th: The Shitposting Episode

Oct 13, 2017114 minutes

This week om the Paranormies we let it all hang out for our Friday the 13th funposting bonanza. After a brief chat with Jim Fetzer, we are joined by guests Jayoh de la Rey and Waylon to discuss all kinds of zany topics like conspiracies, swamp curses, ghosts (and how to seduce them), and much, much more. Join us tonight on our silly edition of the Ahnenerbe Hour.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Death, Scott Taylor

Guests: Waylin Vril, Jayoh de la Rey, and EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST: Jim Fetzer

Music Break: Misfits: Skulls

Creepypasta: The Phone Call and Just Ignore It, Read by: Bradshaw Wilson

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Season 3 EP 1: 9/11 Part 1: WTC7

Sep 15, 2017151 minutes

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