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The Bermuda Triangle

Jan 15, 2019138 minutes

Apologies for the sound quality on this one goys, Johnny is still figuring out the new setup/software/settings issues. Anyway, this one is a good one! Jimmy Applewhite, Brian Shillson, and The Paranormies' Junior Detective League's own Tyler, drop by for a spoopy discussion. The Bermuida Triangle and other weird triangular anomalies around the world have caused or been the possible source of so many ship, airplane, and people's disappearances. Weird stuff happens to airplane instrumentation, ships dissapear into the fog, and gods know what else happens in there. Get /comfy/ and check it out!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Tyler

Guests: Jimmy Applewhite, Brian Shillson

Music Break: We Will Be Healed, by FEMA Camp Bandleader

Creepypasta: Persuaded, read by Tyler

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