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Bradshaw Wilson is a guest on The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour

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Skinwalker Spirituality

Dec 1, 2019124 minutes

Happy Thanksgiving, you dirty colonizers! Brad is back, and he and Johnny are joined by The Skinwalker Tapes' host, Yakov Radomski for a bit of shitposting and then a discussion on the dharmic origins of some of the major religions. What does Hinduism have in common with Christianity? Is Pagang fake and gay? Where did the Christ story originate? Why are the book of Enoch and the Gospel of Thomas not in the "official" Bible? Yakov and the goys get down to it, so make a leftover turkey sammich, get /comfy/ and find out.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson

Guest: Yakov Radomski, check him out on The Skinwalker Tapes here: https://t.co/iEWRHKZ5qn?amp=1 and @YakovRadomski on Twitter

Music break: Untitled Spoop by Hunter Kovalev

Creepypasta: If You See Me, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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