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Andre Fishman is a guest on The Paranormies Present

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Nautical Spoop, with Andre the Fishman S4EP3

Sep 15, 2018136 minutes

The Paranormies are back again to close out the summer heat with an ocean themed episode, delving into the big blue and the monsters lurking in the depths. Are sea serpents real, or just the fantastical tales of idle sailors? Are krakens actually Greek, and are they just giant squid? Are they even from earth? Join Johnny, Zev, Bradshaw and special guest Andre the Fishman as we take you 20,000 leagues under the sea.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Zev, Bradshaw Wilson

Guest: Andre the Fishman

Music Break: Halindir, Eidelweiss

Creepypasta: Leviathan, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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