Dec 8, 2017146 minutes


This week we are joined by our good friend Mr. Zev to discuss an unexpected topic: Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo is a syncretic (that means mixed up from various religions) spirituality that is a mixture of native spirituality and religion from various parts of Africa and with Catholocism. It became a unique form of these African beliefs after the slave trade brought African slaves to the Americas. How are these religions related? What do they worship? What are their rituals like? Is it the blackest religion? Find out this and more on tonight's episode of the Ahnenerbe Hour.

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With: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Bradshaw Wilson, Zev

Music Break: It's Ok To Be White, by Xurious

Creepypasta: Stop Being Such Babies, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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