The Titanic Conspiracy

Nov 24, 2017125 minutes

This week the guys are joined by Fash Gordon of This Week in White Genocide to discuss the famous sinking of the Titanic - or did the Titanic sink? A ship definitely sank on that fateful day in April 15, 1912, but was it the Titanic? Or was it her sister ship, the Olympic? Why would they make such a bizarre swap? What does JP Morgan have to do with this? What does the Federal Reserve have to do with this? Find out answers to this question and more on tonight's episode of the Ahnenerbe Hour.

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With: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt

Guest: Fash Gordon

Music Break: Tactical Bowlcut, by Hudson Vandal

Creepypasta: A Blackstone Family Thanksgiving, read by Johnny Monoxide

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